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CFI is the #1 Endorsed Credit Repair Company For Mortgage, Real Estate, & Lending Companies & The Only Affiliate Credit Team that Guarantees FICO Scores & Timelines!

Credit Firm Inc is a local powerhouse, legal team of Consumer Law Specialists, Certified Credit Counselors, attorneys on staff, and paralegals working on the consumer's behalf to raise their FICO credit scores through credit methods & deletions, disputes, adding new credit, and counseling.


Credit Firm Inc Affiliates

As Credit Repair Specialists we often receive referrals from affiliate partners such as mortgage lenders, banks, real estate agents, auto dealerships, insurance agents, and attorneys. Our affiliate partners rely upon our expertise to help their customers who need to overcome the credit errors and the mistakes of their past in order to reach their goals. Regardless of your customer’s ultimate goal or need (a mortgage, auto financing, security clearance, etc.), our Credit Firm Inc experts are here to help your customers with their credit problems.

Not only can referring your credit challenged customers to Credit Firm Inc help your customers, but doing so can help you to reach your own business goals as well. Our affiliates in the mortgage industry and real estate industry can increase their own number of closings, leading to higher commissions and a greater number of happy, satisfied customers who can refer their friends and family members for years to come.

Many attorneys refer their own clients Credit Firm Inc’s experts as well. Our experts can help clients who are filing for bankruptcy or going through a divorce to improve their damaged credit for the future. By partnering with Credit Firm Inc attorneys are able to help their clients not just through their immediate need for bankruptcy or divorce representation, but also to recover from the blow that bankruptcy and divorce generally cause to their client’s credit reports.


Good Reasons to Become an Affiliate Partner

Do you work in an industry where the condition of your customers’ credit reports or scores are important? If so, your customers can benefit from our professional credit repair services. When you make sure that your customers’ credit needs are met that leads to higher commissions and a larger number of deals closed for you. As you can see, referring your credit challenged customers to Credit Firm Inc can truly be a win-win for everyone.


Credit Firm Inc can help you see more closings, happier customers, and more referrals!

Everyone has the right to try to repair their own credit, but DIY credit repair is not the best choice. When working alone most consumers will begin their attempted credit improvement journey by settling or paying off negative debt. Yet blindly calling a third party debt collector can be a potentially dangerous prospect if your customer does not know what he or she is doing.

Connecting your customers with professionals who know how to guide them to improve their credit is simply the right thing to do. Better credit can help your customers to secure easier approvals, better rates, and better terms on the financing they need in the future. Better credit can help your customers to gain access to better jobs, lower insurance rates, and many more money saving opportunities as well. Referring your customers to Credit Firm Inc can genuinely change their entire lives for the better.

Here are some common mistakes which people make when trying to improve their credit without professional assistance.

Successfully removing errors from your credit reports, even errors which may seem to be minor, can be one of the most effective credit improvement methods available. We specialize in scrutinizing credit reports for errors and know exactly how to get erroneous accounts deleted or corrected as quickly as possible.
Most people do not realize that paying off old debt actually has the potential to lower credit scores when the date of last activity is updated on the account after payment. We help clients avoid this mistake.
Even if paying an old debt does not lower your customer’s credit scores that does not mean that doing so will raise those credit scores either. The FICO credit scores which are currently used by most lenders are designed to care not about the balance of collection accounts as much as they are concerned with the fact that a collection account occurred in the first place. When your customers settle or pay old collections it will not erase those accounts from their credit reports and, as a result, it probably will not trigger a credit score increase either.
One of the most common credit mistakes that consumers make is closing old accounts such as credit cards. Unfortunately, closing the wrong account could cause a serious drop in credit scores.
Ignoring the potential need for new, positive credit accounts is another common mistake which consumers make. Credit Firm Inc can advise your clients on establishing the right kind of new accounts which may further enhance their credit reports and scores.Credit Firm Inc’s experts know how to help your customers avoid common credit repair mistakes which could delay their goals.

How Do You Refer a Client?

Becoming a Credit Firm inc affiliate is easy.

Credit Firm Inc will offer your customer a FREE consultation and Credit Report Review.
You can track your customer’s credit repair progress through our simple and easy to use online software. We provide you with a custom online account to monitor your customer’s progress 24/7
In addition to online tracking, Credit Firm Inc will also email you updates so that you can remain involved during the entire process. Generally, you customer’s credit will begin to improve in as little as 35 days.
Sadly, the majority of professionals will not offer their customers help when credit problems are discovered. Simply being turned down because of credit problems is embarrassing and frustrating to consumers. When you go the extra mile to refer your customers to our credit experts you can gain happy customers for life. It is no secret that happy, satisfied customers can be one of your best referral sources for the future.
Our goal at Credit Firm Inc is to work closely with you to help speed up the approval process for your customers. Don’t let your turndowns call another lender. We can help your customers to improve their credit and come back to you.

Have customers who need to improve their credit?

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Don’t let your TURNDOWNS call another lender because of a low credit score. We Can Help!

There are many times that we review a potential new consumer’s credit report only to discover that they have recent inquiries from several other lenders. These consumers are not rate shopping, they have just been turned down and that lender is allowing them to leave without referring them to Credit Firm Inc. We can help even if they have below 500 credit score, with open collection accounts, charge off’s & judgments. Don’t let your turndowns call another lender, refer them to us and get them back as a well qualified buyer.

The president of Credit Firm Inc. is a Certified FICO Expert, proudly sits on the Board of the National Trade Association, NACSO, and has spoken nationally helping consumers boost their FICO scores, and maximize their credit reports with simple adjustments that provide massive impact on their overall credit grade and profile.

If you are a professional who has a need to see your client’s credit rating improve, then don’t wait.

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